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I was once a young college student, hardworking, saving every dollar to be able to pay for rent, food and school. So, I relate to young people, or any others going through hard times and not being able to afford a professional certified accountant. Therefore, I have my very affordable price list starting at $75 for clients with just one W-2.

Save With Our Prices

The fee may vary slightly depending on the time required to prepare your tax return.

One W2

W-2 only. No itemized deductions or dependents


More than a W-2

W-2, 1099s, Dependents, Investment
Excludes small business and multi-state


Individual/family plus Small Business

Sole proprietor only, for other types contact us for a quote
Includes all the above plus small business or rental properties or both



Individual return is in addition to the business return


S-corporation or Corporation

Individual return is in addition to the business return


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